The Journey Of Selflessness

By December 3, 2016Blog, family

I’m learning that life is a journey of becoming less and less selfish.

When you’re single, you’re totally obsessed with yourself. It’s all about you.

Then you meet someone, and you have to be a little less selfish, but it’s still really about you – you just have someone else that shares your interests so for the most part you can still be fairly selfish, just with a partner.

Then you have a kid.

And at that point, you’re rapidly thrust in to selflessness. It’s 0% about you anymore, and the better you are at being less selfish, the better spouse and parent you’ll be. I’m not perfect at this, but I’m learning this is the core issue of my heart when it comes to making or breaking marriage and parenting – selfishness.

No one really prepared me for what falling in love looked like on practical level…or the feeling that comes when your love for your woman is multiplied in to the form of a tiny human that you’ve created.

People are quick to pipe up about the negatives…

“You’re single, huh? Great, hold off getting a ball and chain and enjoy life!”

“Oh man, you’re engaged? There’s still time to get out! Run while you can!”

“Your life will change forever, put off having kids for as long as you can!”

^ actual things people have said to me.

But no one emphasizes that in the midst of this thing is deep unspeakable joy.

Not many people talk about it, but there’s a quiet greatness that lies in creating a marriage and family that exemplifies God’s relationship with His people. May we create lives, marriages, and families that glorify our Creator and reflect His selflessness towards us.

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