Creativity Thieves

By January 16, 2012Blog, Creative

Just as there are things we can do to help fuel our creativity, there are several thieves of the stuff. They sneak in and grab the powerful creative forces before they can be used. They’re never pushy, loud, or obvious…but they are intensely damaging nonetheless. Here are a few of mine…

  •     Lack of sleep…my body hates me when I’m not rested, and I won’t produce anything of quality.
  •     Distraction…Twitter and Youtube can really waste time…time that creativity could have been running loose.
  •     Laziness. Creativity usually needs a platform to work – ACTION. The Laz-E-Boy really shuts this down.
  •     Admin details. Sometimes, the busy little details wear away at creative genius…do those later, they’re not as important as CREATING. The paperwork, databases, invoices – can wait.
  •     Lack of vision. If i’m aimlessly wandering and don’t have passion for a certain project or interest, I’m aimlessly wandering in the world. Vision gives me drive to create and dream.

What drains you, makes you empty? Any of the above, or any new ones to add?

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