What You’re Paying For

By March 29, 2017Creative

When you hire a creative (freelancer or agency), you’re not just paying someone to push a cursor around a screen and clack some keys for a couple hours.

You’re paying for their years (or decades) of work and experience in an industry you don’t know much about.

You’re paying for the lenses through which they see the world.

You’re paying for their ability to see your business / product differently and present innovative solutions to your problems.

You’re paying for the hundreds of times they learned something the hard way that you don’t have to learn.

You’re paying for the dozens of free clients they took on just to get their foot in the door and begin a career – because they love it.


If you find a good one, you should (SHOULD) be able to download your knowledge and vision about your project to them, and trust them to execute it well without being babysat.

Be discerning – not everyone is an expert just because they own a Mac and a DSLR…but when you find a good one, trust them. Pay them what they ask. Don’t be nitpicky with small changes because your cousin’s son suggested something.

Trust their opinion. Don’t try to play puppet master – you know your business, and they know theirs.

With the right messaging and the right creative minds working for you, your business or product can likely change the world and make some money along the way.

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