Wedding Videography Package Options


$ 1,900

Package PriceWedding Day

2 Camera shoot (one stationary during ceremony)

1 cameraman (me)

Post Production

Wedding Trailer Edit (2-5 mins long)


$ 2,900

Package PriceWedding Day

3 camera shoot (one stationary during ceremony)

2 cameramen

Post Production

Cinematic Wedding Video (5-10 mins long)

Full Edited Ceremony

All raw footage on an external Hard Drive

BestThe Whole Enchilada

$ 3,800

Package PriceWedding Day

3 Cameras

3 Cameramen

Interviews with bridal party

Post Production

Short Cinematic Wedding Video  (2-3 mins)

Long Cinematic Wedding Video (5-10 mins long)

Full Edited Ceremony

“Our Story” Video with bride and groom (See Cam and Steph’s video)

All Packages Entail:

4-8 week turnaround | 10 DVD copies (if requested) | All Raw footage on external HD

More Details / Description

Here’s some Options that I work with as a wedding videographer (from a Whole Enchilada perspective):

1. Before the wedding: “Our Story” – this will be footage we shoot at a time set a few weeks before the wedding, cut together with some music that details the love story background. approx 8-10 minutes long. This serves 2 purposes: 1. show at some point during the reception if desired or applicable. 2. Use as footage and audio clips during the cinematic wedding trailer. This adds to the story element of the finished video.

2. After the wedding – the long cinematic wedding video trailer. This will have shots of the wedding, interspersed with shots of the story, and will take a 4-6 weeks post-wedding to complete fully. Anywhere from 5-15 minutes long, depending upon

3. Also after: The full ceremony video – this will be a full recording of the entire ceremony portion of the wedding, on DVD along with the trailer versions. Minimal editing…it will basically be the entire ceremony start to finish, but will not have reception shots or anything else. The more creative/emotional editing will be within the Cinematic Trailer.

Here’s some examples that include what I referenced above:

Cam and Stephanie Story:

Cam and Stephanie Cinematic Video + Story:

More Examples of the same concept:

Hannah and Ryan Story + Cinematic:

Brandon and Melissa Story + Cinematic:

Here’s some cinematic only – these are a bit shorter:

Chase and Cali Short Cinematic:

Luke and Maritza Short Cinematic ( I edited, but obviously didn’t film):