Never Seen Star Wars? Start Here.

By December 23, 2015Random Ranting, The way I see it

Star Wars TFA everything my inner teenage nerd wanted it to be. Awesome!

On a related note, it has come to my attention that I keep some of the wrong kind of friends around here on FB – the kind of friends that have never seen ANY Star Wars…Shame, shame.

If you are one of these wrong friendships in my life, and want to turn your life around by getting started on the Star Wars adventure, my recommendation would be this: (Fellow nerds, feel free to chime in with your comments or different recommendation but keep this a *SPOILER FREE* zone)

As you know, the saga was released in a seemingly strange order, and it “starts” in the middle, with Episodes released beginning in 1977. Then, the prequels, Episodes I, II , and III were released beginning in 1999. In my mind, these are “optional” and not as iconic or well-done as the originals (three words – Jar Jar Binks). Of course as with any great movie, the re-visits are never as good as the original.

Don’t get me wrong – I dressed up as Yoda, complete with big green ears and standing in line on my knees – when Episode III came out…so they’re still exciting to a Star Wars fan.

Now, in 2012, Disney bought Star Wars and announced a continuation with VII, VIII, and IX. Ready to make the leap in to the great universe that is Star Wars?

Here’s what I suggest you do… Watch the original release first: Episode IV, V , and VI. Then, head to the theater and watch the new one, Episode VII. Later, when you have time, go back and watch Episodes I, II, and III, but only if you want more back-story. These are “optional” in my opinion. They are nearly irrelevant to this new one – this way, you save time in having to get caught up on the entire saga, by only having to watch 3 movies instead of 6. *Nerd Rant Over*

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