Celebrating Marriage

A strong marriage is worth celebrating!

Not a perfect marriage, not an instagram-worthy marriage, but a strong one in the midst of challenges and “I-didn’t-know-it-would-be-like-this” moments.

Funny thing is, we start off marriage here in America with a huge planned party with friends and family (and sometimes people you don’t necessarily love but know they’ll bring the Vita-mix).

We often rack up a ton of debt to throw this barn buster, pull out all the stops and spare no expense (said in John Hammond’s voice).

Then we spend 10-14 days in a paradise of our choice, living a perfect fantasy (creepy wink) with the love of our lives.
Every moment has lead to this, it’s perfect, and the celebration feels so right

Then life hits. Sometimes in the first year, sometimes later down the road, but it gets tough at some point.

People told you it would get tough, you just didn’t know what it would FEEL like.

Guess what?

It’s still worth celebrating.

Maybe it’s tough, but it’s yours, it’s incredible, and it’s worth it.

So to all the married’s out there, fighting through the tough stuff right now…

…I just want to spend a status celebrating you and your marriage!

And to all those who have fought long and hard and are walking in celebratory seasons right now…party on!

Here’s to strong, storm-proof marriages.

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