Social Media Tips

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(updated and revised February 2017) Facebook: 2-4 posts per day, max. 1 Minimum. text-only posts have limited engagement. Add a picture (even if it's random) to boost visibility of your post and encourage sharing. Don't be afraid to ASK for what you want. Give a clear call to action, whether it's to share the post, click a link, donate, or like a post Out of every 10 posts, only THREE should be promotional / call...
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The Weird Trend

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I’ve noticed a trend in marketing specifically with Christian authors, and it’s starting to bother me. I’m not trying to judge and this is not a slam – who knows, maybe one day I’ll succumb to similar tactics due to necessity of the market. I hope not. Obviously online marketing works, it’s an industry I work in, and I’m for it. I’m currently marketing to you and you don’t even know it! I mean, have…

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Why You Don’t Need Cable or Dish

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Growing up, we were never allowed to have cable…we got PBS and like the 3 other local channels over the air, and that was it. Not too many other entertainment options… But times have changed, and it’s possible to have access to great entertainment without having a cable bill or contract! I’ve shared this with a few other people personally, and most people that feel like cable or dish is the only option are pleasantly…

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I Changed My Mind About The Apple Watch

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This is a follow up to an article I wrote a few weeks ago. Read it here. Yes, I’m changing my mind. What happened? Well, a couple things. One, I tried on an Apple watch, and I loved it. Felt amazing on my wrist – definitely felt like a more classy and elegant gadget…made my Pebble almost feel like a toy. Secondly, I did some more comparison research, and I found although the new Pebble…

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Go Pro Comparisons – Luke’s Thoughts

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I had someone message me last week asking about GoPro models, and thought to myself “self, surely there’s other people that are curious about this!” So if you don’t have a GoPro and have thought about buying one for upcoming summer family trips, here’s some simplified thoughts on the current models, starting from the cheapest and most basic, to the most current/ most expensive: *Hero – Entry Level ($129) Unlike some of the others: It’s…

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Why I’m Probably Not Buying The Apple Watch

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I’m somewhat of an Apple Geek – not one of those people that will buy something just because it has an Apple Logo on it…but close enough. I own a Macbook Pro, an iMac for my wife, we each have iPhones, use a Macbook Pro at work, and I used to own an iPad that I loved. Here’s a few thoughts on the Apple Watch and why I won’t be buying one. Don’t get me…

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Out of Battery

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I was riding in a family car road trip – the type where laughter is plentiful, songs are poorly off key, and everyone knows what’s coming when Dad cracks the window open a bit. It was getting late, and things were quieting down…I resorted to my cell phone for some entertainment. Reading a few blogs, catching up on twitter, reviewing google web analytics – the usual nerd stuff. One problem – I was at 6%…

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iPreach, iServe

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The iPad. Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, no doubt you’ve heard of it. Apple’s long anticipated touch screen tablet has hit the ground running, with mixed reviews. I have no desire to blog from a gadget reveiwer’s standpoint – plenty of that has been done already. I simply want to put out my opinion on the table. “Big whoop – a bigger iPod touch with a retooled OS, more apps, and a…

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