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Recently, I began working on the Youth Alive team – a US Missions orginization. I’ll spare you the details, but if you’d like to know more, click here. It’s definitely led me to think differently in some areas…one being money. Missionaries live by faith off of monthly support – duh. They have a huge responsibility to be good stewards of the money their supporters are sacrificing for them…but, aren’t we all? Aren’t all to be…

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The Weird God

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Don’t call me a complete heretic here… …but have you ever thought of God being weird? Not weird like the homeless lady who walks around in the park all day with 16 shopping bags, or like the guy who rolls down his window to yell things at you… …Weird like this. Or this. I think these show some weirdness of God. I like weird. Weird is good. Weird means not normal. Weird means different. Weird…

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