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Lessons from a Leak

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Sometimes the most productive way to solve a problem is be silent and give God a moment of your attention. A few days ago, I got a text from my neighbor while we were out and about. “Hey man. Some water is leaking out of the bottom of your driveway, just wanted to let you know.”I blew it off as not a big deal - I had drained an ice chest earlier and thought that’s...
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You Need to Rest

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Rest is extremely underrated in today’s American culture. It’s funny, you don’t often see images in online success social media accounts using the word “Rest” over a screenshot of Will Smith in “The Pursuit of Happiness” or Leonardo DiCaprio in “Wolf of Wall Street”. Instead, we’re bombarded with mantras like: “Hustle. Grind. Repeat.” “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” Don’t hear me wrong – I…

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Jesse, Samuel, and this weird thing we all do.

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We all have this innate tendency to show the world our best side and position our lives as more attractive than they really are. It’s always been a part of our humanity, but it shows through a little stronger these days thanks to social media – it’s easier than ever to show off the “highlight reel” but hide the “bloopers”. Let’s rewind the clock a few thousand years to the age old story of David…

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A Handshake with Darkness

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Yesterday in church one of our worship leaders, Pauline, shared a bit from her heart during one of the song transitions. She spoke of our “marriage” to Christ as believers, and how you abandon all other relationships once you find your true love in Jesus. She gave a call for us to break covenant with other distractions, other loves, but she used a phrase I’ve never heard and it has rattled in my head ever…

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I Can’t Shift Out Of Park

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A couple of days ago, my wife’s SUV decided to stop shifting out of park. We wrestled with it, checked fuses, stomped on the brakes, turned it off and on again – nothing. It would not budge except for the occasional “lucky” shift. We just had the transmission replaced last year so this little glitch made me nervous. I hit the owner’s manual and found a shift lock override feature as a temporary fix, then…

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Celebrating Marriage

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A strong marriage is worth celebrating! Not a perfect marriage, not an instagram-worthy marriage, but a strong one in the midst of challenges and “I-didn’t-know-it-would-be-like-this” moments. Funny thing is, we start off marriage here in America with a huge planned party with friends and family (and sometimes people you don’t necessarily love but know they’ll bring the Vita-mix). We often rack up a ton of debt to throw this barn buster, pull out all the…

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Visiting with Lucifer

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“You’re kind of a geek, you’d like it! Check it out, it’s hilarious.” Based on the recommendation of a co-worker years ago, I remember watching the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” for the first time when it was in Season 2. I loved it. I found it was hilarious, totally nerdy, and had just the right amount of “sitcom cheesy”. Bazinga! As season 3 started up, I noticed the show taking an increasingly dirtier…

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The 3 Main Things

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We recently sat down to a dinner that included some strangers at our table. Well, they were strangers for about 5 minutes – we quickly clicked with this other young couple and had a very engaging conversation for about 60 minutes. Topics varied, and eventually we accidentally steered the conversation to church and religion. Turns out, we differ in our denominational background – that can always make a conversation a little awkward. They were talking…

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Even The World Knows

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After going through Bible School and serving in ministry on several different levels for several years, I have spent some time now away from what many would call “full time ministry”. Four years ago I made a decision to focus my 9-5 efforts in other directions, while still serving God but not in a “positional” or staff kind of way. When there’s no paycheck attached to your relationship with God, or your capacity for ministry,…

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