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When Your Dreams Change

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In June of 2014, I began writing a book I called “Landmark”. I’d always had a dream to write and publish my first book before I was 30 (more on that later) and I decided that summer was the time to knock it out. I started just throwing up words on the page, and created a rough outline and vague direction. This book would be about building a personal history with God, and mostly featured...
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The Weird Trend

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I’ve noticed a trend in marketing specifically with Christian authors, and it’s starting to bother me. I’m not trying to judge and this is not a slam – who knows, maybe one day I’ll succumb to similar tactics due to necessity of the market. I hope not. Obviously online marketing works, it’s an industry I work in, and I’m for it. I’m currently marketing to you and you don’t even know it! I mean, have…

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Thoughts on Tipping

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Last week, we ate at a nice restaurant that I’d never been to before, and had exceptionally great service. It caused me to reflect back on my 6 years of waiting tables, and I had some thoughts that I felt are worth sharing, and may or may not be commonly well known.  Always go in to the meal planning on tipping 20%. That is the minimum base rate for acceptable service.  The tip will be…

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Celebrating Marriage

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A strong marriage is worth celebrating! Not a perfect marriage, not an instagram-worthy marriage, but a strong one in the midst of challenges and “I-didn’t-know-it-would-be-like-this” moments. Funny thing is, we start off marriage here in America with a huge planned party with friends and family (and sometimes people you don’t necessarily love but know they’ll bring the Vita-mix). We often rack up a ton of debt to throw this barn buster, pull out all the…

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Never Seen Star Wars? Start Here.

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Star Wars TFA everything my inner teenage nerd wanted it to be. Awesome! On a related note, it has come to my attention that I keep some of the wrong kind of friends around here on FB – the kind of friends that have never seen ANY Star Wars…Shame, shame. If you are one of these wrong friendships in my life, and want to turn your life around by getting started on the Star Wars…

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The 3 Main Things

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We recently sat down to a dinner that included some strangers at our table. Well, they were strangers for about 5 minutes – we quickly clicked with this other young couple and had a very engaging conversation for about 60 minutes. Topics varied, and eventually we accidentally steered the conversation to church and religion. Turns out, we differ in our denominational background – that can always make a conversation a little awkward. They were talking…

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Even The World Knows

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After going through Bible School and serving in ministry on several different levels for several years, I have spent some time now away from what many would call “full time ministry”. Four years ago I made a decision to focus my 9-5 efforts in other directions, while still serving God but not in a “positional” or staff kind of way. When there’s no paycheck attached to your relationship with God, or your capacity for ministry,…

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Go Pro Comparisons – Luke’s Thoughts

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I had someone message me last week asking about GoPro models, and thought to myself “self, surely there’s other people that are curious about this!” So if you don’t have a GoPro and have thought about buying one for upcoming summer family trips, here’s some simplified thoughts on the current models, starting from the cheapest and most basic, to the most current/ most expensive: *Hero – Entry Level ($129) Unlike some of the others: It’s…

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