Jesse, Samuel, and this weird thing we all do.

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We all have this innate tendency to show the world our best side and position our lives as more attractive than they really are. It’s always been a part of our humanity, but it shows through a little stronger these days thanks to social media – it’s easier than ever to show off the “highlight reel” but hide the “bloopers”. Let’s rewind the clock a few thousand years to the age old story of David…

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Visiting with Lucifer

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“You’re kind of a geek, you’d like it! Check it out, it’s hilarious.” Based on the recommendation of a co-worker years ago, I remember watching the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” for the first time when it was in Season 2. I loved it. I found it was hilarious, totally nerdy, and had just the right amount of “sitcom cheesy”. Bazinga! As season 3 started up, I noticed the show taking an increasingly dirtier…

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The 3 Main Things

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We recently sat down to a dinner that included some strangers at our table. Well, they were strangers for about 5 minutes – we quickly clicked with this other young couple and had a very engaging conversation for about 60 minutes. Topics varied, and eventually we accidentally steered the conversation to church and religion. Turns out, we differ in our denominational background – that can always make a conversation a little awkward. They were talking…

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Even The World Knows

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After going through Bible School and serving in ministry on several different levels for several years, I have spent some time now away from what many would call “full time ministry”. Four years ago I made a decision to focus my 9-5 efforts in other directions, while still serving God but not in a “positional” or staff kind of way. When there’s no paycheck attached to your relationship with God, or your capacity for ministry,…

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